Doodle Sweethearts

The home of the chocolate labradoodle and parti labradoodle!

Doodle Sweethearts is located
30 minutes west of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.  
and approx 1.5 hrs from Toronto Pearson Airport.
We are near Listowel, Ontario CANADA

Please read our
FAQ page,
Adoption Process page
Pricing page
Health Guarantee  &  Spay/Neuter Contract

and call or email us with any questions before filling out application.

Darren & Stephanie Huber

When you are ready to send a deposit, fill out the
application form below and we will
reply and confirm your request.
After we reply, you may send your deposit.

All other inquiries please email
Please state 1st & 2nd choice
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Colour Preference
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3) Blue Merle
4) Chocolate Merle
5) Black Phantom
6) Chocolate Phantom
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