Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is provided with a Doodle Sweethearts puppy?
 A. When you come to pick up your puppy it will have:
  • dewormed twice
  • vet checked
  • 1st vaccinations
  • microchipped
  • puppy's health record
  • 15lb bag of the TLC puppy food.
  • spay/neuter contract
  • 2 year written health guarantee against life-threatening genetic defects. (This includes things like the
 hips, eyes, heart, etc.)  See Health Guarantee & Spay/Neuter Contract  here.  

We do recommend feeding your puppy / dog a high quality dog food, such as
TLC Puppy/ Dog Food.  We are    
convinced that this will make a difference in the overall health / development of your puppy!  As a matter of    
fact, we are that convinced, that
we will extend the 2 year health guarantee to a 3 year health guarantee,
if you exclusively feed TLC Pet Food to your puppy / dog that entire time!!!  

We promise to breed only healthy dogs clear of health issues themselves as well as their parents. We could
never guarantee nothing could EVER happen health-wise to your puppy… unfortunately, that is still an
unrealistic promise for any dog breeder to make at this point… but we do breed very healthy dogs and have
had great success with our Labradoodle bloodline.  

    NEW:  We are including coat testing for the F1b litters!!!!  This will test if your puppy is 1) minimal to non
    shedding 2) low shedding or 3) moderate shedding. This also tests the coat-type - 1) curly (loose to tight curls)
    2) wavy to light curl fleece or 3) wavy hair.  This is done with a cheek swab at 3-4 weeks old and sent to Paw
    Print Genetics.  It takes 2 weeks to get the results.  See Labradoodle Coats for more details.

    Q. Will we be able to see both parents when we come to see the puppies?  
    A. You can see the mom to the puppies! As for seeing the fathers, we do not own our own studs at this point
    yet, so the father will not be here.

Q. May we bring our pet (dog, cat) to meet the parents / puppies before we commit to a deposit for a
Doodle Sweethearts puppy?
A. Unfortunately we do not allow other dogs / cats / pets to visit our facility.  Since we have young puppies
(that are waiting until 7 weeks of age to be vaccinated) we do not want to put them at risk!  Thank you for your

ON A SIDE NOTE:  We do not recommend that you take your young puppy to a puppy park / area where there
are other dogs until your puppy has its last (3rd) set of shots & rabies shot at 16 weeks of age.  Until then,
PLEASE BE AWARE that your puppy is at risk to pick up various bugs / diseases that could make your puppy

    Q.  Do you spay / neuter and do you remove the dewclaw on your puppies?
    A.  No, we do none of these.  Doodle Sweethearts (and our vet) recommend waiting to neuter / spay until the
    puppies are at least 16 weeks of age and are completely vaccinated.  We do have a spay/neuter (non
    breeding) contract to sign.  This requires you to have your puppy spayed/neutered by the time your puppy is 8
    months of age and sending a signed document (by a licensed vet) to us by the time your puppy is 10 months of
    age.  See Health Guarantee & Spay/Neuter Contract

    Q. Do you hold puppies longer than 8 weeks old if the timing is just not suitable to pick up our puppy
    due to vacation or work schedule etc.?
    A.  We hold puppies for up to 9 weeks old.  If for some reason your puppy needs to stay with us past 9 weeks
    of age,  we require you to pay $50 per week for food and care as well as pay for any extra vaccinations that
    they might need during this time.

    Q.  When do you allow people to come meet the puppies?
    A.  We allow visitors to come meet the puppies AFTER the puppies have been vaccinated at 7 weeks of age.  
    When puppies are 7 weeks of age and are vet checked we will send each family information on the puppies in
    the litter that suit all the criteria they are looking for, and then we will help you determine which puppy is the
    best option for you and your family, giving priority in order of deposits we have received.  We will make
    arrangements to visit at that time.

    Arrangements can be made to visit the litter of puppies you are getting a puppy from, after we have received
    the DNA results and the puppies have had their vet check and first vaccination.  Picking order is given in the
    order we receive deposits.  Doodle Sweethearts reserves the right to have first choice of up to 2 puppies in
    every litter to keep for future breeding.  See pricing page for details.  

    Q. Do these dogs shed and if so how much?
    A. These dogs are considered a low to non-shedding dog. If they shed it will be moderate when comparing it
    to a labrador. The F1b labradoodle is definitely better for the non-shedding characteristics.  However there is
    the potential to have up to 25% of the puppies in the litter that do shed some.  See our Labradoodle Coat page
    for more info on the labradoodle coat types.

    Q. What are your visiting hours?
    A.  Visiting hours are by appointment only.  We are not available on Sundays.  We set Sundays aside for family
    and worship.  Saturdays and evenings usually work well for us, especially for choosing your puppy, since this
    usually takes some time, but we can make other arrangements if necessary.

    Q. Where are you located?
    A.  We are located near Listowel, ON.  We are 10 min east of Listowel, just off of highway 86.  We are just 30
    min west of Kitchener-Waterloo and about 1 1/2 hours from Toronto Pearson Airport.

    Q.  Is the deposit refundable?
    A.  No.  Please be aware of this. Our time spent with you in communication and in handling your requests and
    holding a reservation for you is what your deposit will be paying for should you choose to do something else.  

    The only exception is if we are not able to supply you with the requirements you had for a puppy... for eg. if
    you make a deposit for a specific trait in a puppy.... such as a parti girl, and then there were no parti girls in
    that specific litter, we would refund your deposit or move your name to the next planned litter of your choice.  
    This has to be prearranged with us at Doodle Sweethearts at the time of making the deposit though!!  
    Otherwise deposits are nonrefundable.

    If a mother has a false pregnancy we automatically reimburse your deposit unless you wish to wait for the
    next litter.

    Q. What do you feed your Mommas and Labradoodle Puppies?  
    A. We feed high quality TLC Natural Life Pet Food.  See details on the Food & Nutrition .
    Q. How does the Doodle Sweethearts adoption process work?
    A. Please see Adoption Process page.

Q. What should we buy for our new puppy?
A. You should buy a nice sized crate, a collar and leash, and a bed for him to sleep on and claim as "his spot"   
in the house. You should also purchase a quality whole life, all natural pet food. We feed and highly
recommend TLC Natural Life Pet Food for our puppies and mommas.  See
Food & Nutrition link.
TLC Whole Life Puppy Food & Dog Food