Lexis x Oakley
aiting List Feb 2018

                           INFO ABOUT THIS LITTER

  • Lexis x Oakley BRAND NEW LITTER EXPECTED February 2018.

  • Lexis is a 40 lb female blue merle F1 labradoodle.

  • Oakley is a mini 15lb male purebred chocolate and white parti poodle.

  • The puppies will be a mixture of colours to choose from:
    1) blue merle
    2) chocolate merle
    3) solid black
    4) solid chocolate
    5) black abstract (black with white marking chest & toes)
    6) chocolate abstract (chocolate with white marking on chest & toes)
    7) black phantom (black & tan)
    8) chocolate phantom (chocolate & tan)

    (see labradoodle coat colour page for clarification on colours or SCROLL DOWN on this page to see photos)!!!!

  • These puppies will grow to between 25-35 pounds and will stand between 18-20 inches tall at the shoulder.

  • These puppies come with:
  • DNA coat testing for shedding & coat-type
  • first vaccinations
  • vet checked
  • dewormed
  • microchipped
  • spay/neuter (NON BREEDING) contract
  • a two year genetic health guarantee.  See HEALTH CONTRACT.  
  • We will extend the warranty to 3 years if you exclusively feed TLC Pet Food to your puppy /dog.  
            See Food / Nutrition info.

  • The price for these puppies is $2200.00  including HST.  See Pricing / Shipping.
  • NEW:  This price includes DNA coat testing for shedding and coat-type.
  • See more details about the DNA testing & info about Labradoodle Coats here.

  • Picking order is given in the order in which we receive deposits.  Doodle Sweethearts reserves the right to have
    1st choice of up to 2 puppies in every litter, to keep back as breeding dogs.  Scroll down to see Waiting List.

  • If you are interested in reserving a puppy please complete the Application Form and
include any questions.
SCROLL DOWN   for photos of

blue merle
chocolate merle,
black abstract,
chocolate abstract,
chocolate phantom,  
black phantom

labradoodle puppies, all of which
we expect in this litter!!!
1.  Lois
Father Oakley
Mini Blue Merle & Chocolate Merle
F1B Labradoodle Puppies
Blue Merle Labradoodle
Chocolate Merle Labradoodle
Black Phantom Labradoodle
(Black & Tan)
Chocolate Phantom Labradoodle
(Chocolate & Tan)
Above photo of blue merle, chocolate merle, chocolate and black golden doodles are from
Lexis's father (Remington from Kent Family Farms.)  This is what you can expect in Lexis's litter!
black phantom labradoodle
black phantom labradoodle
chocolate merle labradoodle
Canadian Doodle's Stella & Porter
blue merle labradoodle
See Labradoodle Coat Colours for more info about the
different colour coats.
chocolate merle labradoodle
chocolate phantom labradoodle
chocolate phantom labradoodle
Canadian Doodle's June Bug
chocolate phantom labradoodle
chocolate merle labradoodle
blue merle labradoodle
Pepper ~ 'CreamofBritish Final
Fling'  Molli x Dico
chocolate merle labradoodle
black phantom labradoodle
Arrowhead Australian Labradoodles
Sugar Pine Doodles
Doodle Sweethearts Fitz
Available for deposits
Lexis x Oakley
aiting List Fall 2018
1.  Doodle Sweethearts (or breeder's pick)
2.  Doodle Sweethearts (or breeders pick)
Mother Lexis
Black Labradoodle
Chocolate Labradoodle
Black Abstract Labradoodle
(white patch on chest and sometimes toes)
black abstract labradoodle
Chocolate Abstract Labradoodle
(white patch on chest & sometimes toes)
chocolate abstract labradoodle
chocolate abstract labradoodle