Our Dads
Oak Hill's Captain Bruno   "BRUNO"  
AKC No. PR16055404

Bruno is a 70 lb standard Purebred Chocolate & White Parti Poodle.  
He is a Doodle Creek stud and does not live here with us.  He is AKC registered,
as well as hip and heart certified.

This guy is an amazing Parti Standard Poodle. He comes from the top Parti Poodle bloodlines
in the United States!
We are super excited about Bruno bringing a new dimension to our breeding
parti coloured Labradoodles!

Along with that, he has such an amazing temperament! He is very laid back, easy going, and so gentle. His
puppies have these amazing qualities as well. We have been extremely happy with the temperaments and
beautiful puppies he has provided to the Doodle Sweethearts Community!
AKC Reg No.  PR17553804

Oakley is a handsome mini 15 lb purebred chocolate and white Parti Poodle.  
He is also a Doodle Creek stud and does not live here with us.  

He is AKC registered as well as hip, heart, & patella certified.

Just look at his round teddy bear face! He is an amazing dog with beautiful parti markings.

He has an incredible personality and is so loving and friendly. He is so playful and
loves to goof off. :) He has a wonderful way of bonding with humans and truly is
the perfect expression of "man's best friend"!
Our Dads
Bruno's Parents
Bruno's mom Kit-Sue's "My Birthday Girl Dot", is a standard black and white poodle
from Kit-Sue Poodles.

Bruno's father Caleb, a standard brown & white parti poodle, provided the stud service
from Oak Hill Farms Standard Poodles.
Bruno's Mother "My Birthday Girl Dot"
Photo coming
Oakley's Parents
Oakley's mom, "Teagan" , is an AKC registered purebred chocolate merle moyen poodle from Awesome Paws
Moyen Poodles.  She is 22 lbs and 17" tall at the shoulder.

Oakley's father, Phantom Bryce, is  an AKC registered purebred chocolate phantom moyen poodle also from
Awesome Paws Moyen Poodles.  He is 25 lbs and 20" tall at the shoulder.
Oakley's Mother "Teagan"
Bruno's Father "Caleb"
Oakley's Father "Phantom Bryce"


PEDIGREE - Bruno 3 Gen Pedigree

AKC - Bruno  AKC Registration

Health Testing Results

OFA  -
Bruno Heart Certificate

OFA  - Bruno Hip & Elbow Certificate


PEDIGREE - Oakley 4 Gen Pedigree  

AKC - Oakley AKC Registration

Health Testing Results

Pawprint Genetics -
Oakley Health Certificate

Pawprint Genetics - Oakley Coat Colour Trait Certificate

OFA  - Oakley Heart Certificate

OFA  - Oakley Hip & Elbow Certificate

OFA  - Oakley Patella Certificate