Pricing & Shipping

    What is the price of your puppies?
    The base price our our F1b puppies is $2250.00 including HST. All F1b puppies with the soft, teddy bear coats, as
    well as puppies with special colour markings (such as merle, phantom or abstract etc.) are $2500.00 - $3000
    including HST.  Puppies will be individually priced (between $2250.00 - $3000.00) when we receive the coat test
    results at 5-6 weeks of age.  

The base price of our F3 / multigen Doodle Sweetheart Puppies is $2500.00.They will be individually priced between
        $2500.00 - $3000.00 at 3 weeks old (depending on markings such as phantom, abstract, parti) etc.
Our prices include

 **PLEASE NOTE that prices are subject to change at any given time.  Price at the time of your reservation will be
         honoured.   Prices can vary though as noted above, depending on coat-type, colours and markings.

        (see Labradoodle Generations page for clarification on the difference between F1, F1b, F3 / multigen labradoodles.)

    What method of payment do you accept?
    We accept E-transfer, cashier's check or cash for payment. We will accept "weekly payments" for puppies but payment
    must be made in FULL by the time the puppies are 8 weeks of age.

    How much of a deposit do you require?
    We require a $250.00 deposit to hold a puppy.  Picking order is given in the order we receive deposits!  Deposits are
    required to reserve a spot on a reservation list and is to be in the form of personal check, certified check, or E- transfer
    in the amount of $250.00.  

    When is the final payment due?
    The final payment is required in full by the time puppies are eight weeks of age. The purpose of this is to ensure that
    Doodle Sweethearts has ample time to properly place puppies with qualified homes in the case that the original
    applicant chooses to postpone the receipt of their reserved puppy. We will contact families via email with final
    payment information when puppies are seven weeks of age.  Final payments may only be made by cashier’s check,
    cash or E-transfer.

    Is the deposit refundable?
    No.  Please be aware of this. Our time spent with you in communication and in handling your requests and holding a
    reservation for you is what your deposit will be paying for should you choose to do something else.  

    The only exception is if we are not able to supply you with the requirements you had for a puppy... for eg. if you make a
    deposit for a specific trait in a puppy.... such as a parti coat, or a specific gender such as a female, and then there were
    no "parti" "girls" in that specific litter, we would refund your deposit or move it to a subsequent litter.  These
    specifications need to be made with Doodle Sweethearts at the time of sending the application and making the
    deposit!!  Otherwise deposits are nonrefundable.

    Do you credit the deposit to a subsequent litter should we decide we'd rather wait?
    Yes on most occasions we do but only if the puppies are less than 7 weeks old.  We do ask if you could kindly please
    give us as much notice as possible!  If the puppies are older than 7 weeks old, your deposit would not be credited to a
    subsequent litter, as we have been holding a puppy "just for you" all this time!

    Do you hold a puppy longer than the 9 weeks?
    If for some reason your puppy needs to stay with us past 9 weeks of age (due to work schedule or a planned vacation
    etc.), we will gladly keep your puppy a while longer, but require you to pay $50 per week for food and care as well as
    pay for any extra vaccinations that they might need during this time.  

    Do you deliver your puppies?
    We fly our puppies anywhere in Canada.  But we do not deliver our puppies.  We require you to come to Doodle
    Sweethearts in person to pick up your puppy.

    Do you ship to the United States?
    Because of the new laws passed in the U.S., we cannot fly puppies to the United States unless the puppy is older than
    4 months old, as they require a rabies vaccination at 16 weeks of age to enter the U.S. and then a 30 day quarantine
    after the vaccination.

    What airline do you use?
    In Canada we use West Jet or Air Canada.  West Jet requires that the puppy is 8 weeks old to fly and Air Canada
    requires that the puppy is 12 weeks old to fly.

    What do you charge for shipping?
    Usually we charge $500.00 additional to the puppy price for shipping.  This includes the flight, a crate, and our time
    and gas to get the puppy to the Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  We need to check the price of flights to your
    area before we confirm this.  The price can also vary depending on the weight and size of the dog / crate.  We require
    the shipping portion (of $500.00) to be paid before we book the flight and the final payment at 8 weeks of age.