Mini Multigen  
Labradoodle Puppies
Zoe x Phoenix Puppies


  • Planning to breed Fall / Winter 2018.  Ready to adopt at 8 weeks old, probably Winter 2019.

  • These puppies will be multigen labradoodles.  This means that the mom is an F1b labradoodle crossed with
    a dad that is a multigen labradoodle.  (See Labradoodle Generations page for more clarification on F1, F1b,
    multigen labradoodles etc.)

  • Zoe is a mini 30 lb  F1b chocolate parti labradoodle.  Her mother is our very own F1 standard chocolate
    labradoodle Mia and her grandmother is our very own registered chocolate lab Nakita.

  • Father will be a mini Multigen Labradoodle.

  • We expect these puppies to grow to between 25-35 pounds and will stand between 18-20 inches  tall at the

  • The current price for these puppies is $2500.00 including HST.  See Pricing / Shipping.
  • These puppies will all have the non shedding, soft fleece coat like Zoe their mom or a soft curly wool coat.

  • The puppies will be a mixture of colours to choose from:
    1) chocolate parti, black parti
    2) solid chocolate, solid black
    3) chocolate abstract, black abstract (chocolate or black with white marking on chest and toes)
    4) chocolate phantom, black phantom (chocolate & tan or black & tan)

    (see labradoodle coat colour page for clarification on colours or SCROLL DOWN on this page to see

    These puppies will come with:
  • 1st vaccinations
  • vet checked
  • dewormed
  • microchipped
  • spay/neuter (NON BREEDING) contract.  
  • two year genetic health guarantee
  • We will extend the 2 year guarantee to 3 years if you exclusively feed TLC puppy/dog food to your puppy
    for the next 3 years.  See Food / Nutrition.
  • See Health Guarantee & Spay/Neuter Contract for details.

  • Picking order is given in the order we receive deposits.  Doodle Sweethearts reserves the right to have first
    choice of up to 2 puppies of ever litter to keep as future breeding dogs.  Scroll up to see Waiting List.

  • If you are interested in reserving a puppy please complete the Application Form and include any questions.
Zoe x Phoenix
ultigen LITTER
Fall / Winter 2018
for photos of what we
expect these puppies to
look like!
Zoe x Phoenix
Winter 2019 LITTER
for photos of previous
puppies and present litter
Black Phantom Labradoodle
(black & tan)
Black Abstract Labradoodle
(white patch on chest and sometimes toes)
black phantom labradoodle
Canadian Doodle's Porter
See Labradoodle Coat Colours for more info about the
different colour coats.
Black Labradoodle
Chocolate Labradoodle
Chocolate Parti Labradoodle
Black Parti Labradoodle
Chocolate Phantom Labradoodle
(chocolate & tan)
Chocolate Abstract Labradoodle
(white patch on chest & sometimes toes)
chocolate phantom labradoodle
Doodle Sweethearts Fitz
chocolate parti labradoodle
chocolate abstract labradoodle
Doodle Creek Kona
Doodle Creek Dallas
black abstract labradoodle
chocolate abstract labradoodle
Zoe x Phoenix
Winter 2019
1. Doodle Sweethearts or Breeder's Pick
2. Doodle Sweethearts or Breeder's Pick
3.  Lianna

medium F1b parti labradoodle
Future Mother
Future Father Phoenix